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About Us
Breeding with Purpose

We Produce Some of The Finest Quality Bengals In the US

To us, being an Ethical Breeder means everything. We call it Breeding with Purpose. Ethical Breeders are the most important people in the Bengal world. We Breed to improve the Bengal breed, by breeding healthy, well tempered and well adjusted Bengals. We are committed to Breeding healthy, happy, well socialized companions. We are a fully health and genetically tested, TICA registered family owned cattery. They are raised in home around our dogs and three children. You can experience the joy of owning one of these active, affectionate, beautiful exotic creatures as we have. Bengals are truly an amazing cat breed, They have all the beauty of the Asian Leopard Cat and the companionship of the the domesticated cat, in a size that suits many different lifestyles. We are very passionate about our Bengals, they are family to us.



Living with Bengals is an adventure and not of the armchair variety! The Bengal is no couch potato! Possessing the ability to leap to high places, inherently compelled to climb. Bengals are a highly active breed.They can open doors, they are drawn to water, are also lovable and loyal. A treasure to cherish. Bengals are as unique in personality as their coat is in patterns. Making the Decision to acquire a Bengal should not be taken lightly.  Bengals are not just cats, They are much more. Bengals are smarter than Domestic cats so They require MUCH more attention. If they don't get it they will turn destructive. If you have children that will play with your Bengal that is GREAT, if not a good suggestion would be to buy them in pairs so they have a play buddy or to have another cat or dog to play with. Bengals need friends to play with, human or otherwise.When your kitten arrives you MUST have the time to spend with them to acclimate them to their new home. Not a few hours but days.  They will need constant attention, love and positive re-enforcement to become accustomed to their new surroundings. Lots of interactive toys, initially lots of litter boxes as kittens have small bladders and short attention spans and if the box isn't close accidents can happen. Just like a small child sometimes forgets the bathroom initially. But as with children this passes quickly with patience and positive reinforcement. Bengals are MUCH more active than Domestic cats, they will run, jump, climb to the highest point in every room and no amount of rule setting will ever change that. If you aren't prepared to allow that and Bengal proof your home by nailing down, gluing down or removing important items then DON"T get a Bengal. Bengals are more like a dog than a cat and are very sensitive, Treat them like you would a young child, Nurture them and make them an integral part of your family and you will have a loyal companion for life.  Treat them like a Domestic cat and expect them to entertain themselves and it will definitely NOT be good. They will be miserable and for sure you will be too. Have plenty of good quality scratching posts around.  Bengals claws grow quickly. Keep a good nail trimming plan in place.  We have a house full of Bengals and not one of them scratches the furniture.  Give them better options. Keep the litter box clean, Bengals are picky and will NOT use a dirty litter box. The list of positive items about Bengals would fill several pages but if you are not able to give the love and attention that a Bengal requires to become a part of your family. PLEASE do not buy one. 


Go to Youtube, There are many videos about Bengals, the challenges and joys of having them as a part of your family.

I've always been an animal lover and it turned into a fulfilling and life-changing experience. Our main priority is ensuring the health, well-being and temperament of all our Bengals from birth until they leave with their forever family - and beyond.

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