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Welcome To Sheba's Bengals


"The smallest feline is a masterpiece" - Leonardo da Vinci 


Here at Sheba's Bengals, we put the health of our cats before anything else. We do extensive health screening and testing on all of our adult cats to ensure we are only producing healthy kittens.

Temperament is our next focal point, it is extremely important to us that our cats have friendly dispositions. Our Bengals are bred for companionship and they are raised in our home as part of our family. We absolutely love our Bengals and know that you will too.


 A Bengal is one of the most exotic breeds of cat that you will ever come across. The uniqueness of their breed lies within their merged bloodlines giving you an animal like no other. A Bengal is a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian Leopard cat.

At Sheba's Bengals we are passionate about our kitties. We love helping people find the perfect new addition for their families. As a ethical breeder we carefully screen potential owners to make sure they understand exactly what is required when it comes to taking care of the Bengal breed.


To find out more or to reserve a particular kitten, please get in touch. Sheba's Bengals is a well-known Breeder in Southern California. We have been involved with breeding animals since 2015, I've always been and animal lover and it turned into a fulfilling and life-changing experience. Our main priority is ensuring the health, well-being and temperament of all our Bengals from birth until they leave with their forever family - and beyond. 

Quantum Cats Sweet Pea

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Shangripaw Scarlette 


The Realms Jae Snow 

The Realms Jae Snow 

Sheba's Bengals Megara 

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